2017 PUG All Star Winner

The highest award given to our PUG community, the All Star Award program recognizes individuals that have global impact on the Power BI User Group (PUG) demonstrating:

  • Leadership – has dedicated significant time and expertise to educate the PUG community
  • Passion – has demonstrated their passion for "paying forward" their Power BI knowledge and experiences
  • Resolve – has shown willingness to help others with their challenges
  • Advancement – has worked to pursue individual and organizational growth and Power BI development
  • Commitment – possesses a deep responsibility to further the mission of PUG for the good of the Power BI community and industry
  • Participation – is involved with and an active participant in numerous PUG activities

Reza Rad

Reza Rad
New Zealand Business Intelligence and Power BI User Group Leader,
PUG Advisory Board Member,
Speaker for Data & BI Summit, Power BI World Tour, Academy, and Program Content Committees

Highly respected in the data analytics area, Reza is a fulltime Power BI mentor. He always contributes to the community sharing free material and resources, having truly made a difference in the knowledge about Power BI.

Very active in the PUG community, Reza spreads his knowledge everywhere and is very committed to helping others learn, providing excellent tools, blogs, free eBook, training sessions, and more to all users. By seeing how involved he is in the community and speaking at different events, it's an inspiration to everyone to get more involved in the PUG community and continue learning to enhance your skills.

2017 PUG of the Year

The PUG of the Year Award recognizes a local Power BI User Group that demonstrates the value of community, utilizes PUG best practices, and actively engages a growing membership.

Denmark Power BI User Group

Becoming a top PUG begins with great leadership. Erik Svensen and Just Thorning Blindbæk are active leaders in not only the Denmark community but the entire PUG community. They provide their members with consistent meetings, great agendas and speakers and the opportunity to network and learn from their peers. From April 2017 to April 2018, this PUG has seen membership grow by 167% in their PUG community and average growth of 13 new members every month.

They have won one PUG Challenge of the Month and through the involvement of the leaders, this community has also had the opportunity to have a World Tour event in Copenhagen.

The discussion forum in the Denmark community has over 225 posts from Denmark PUG community members. They provide their members with the presentations from their PUG meetings in their community library after each event so that members can see what they missed if they were unable to attend.

The Denmark PUG is a shining example of how a PUG should be run. Great leaders, consistent meetings, active members and the opportunity to connect and learn together.

Denmark Power BI User Group

2017 PUG Leader of the Year

The Pug Leader of the Year recognizes a leader that goes above and beyond for their Power BI User Group and inspires other members in their local PUG to engage and learn.

Kathy Kinniera

Kathy Kinnier
NY/NJ Power BI User Group Leader,
Speaker at Power BI World Tour

Commended for her commitment to excellence and inclusion, Kathy’s enthusiasm makes you want to contribute. Her ability to multi-task between user group, company/professional life, and family life, Kathy has a full-time job but is passionate about PUG and getting everyone onboard.

Kathy is informed, not just about the product, but also brings in interesting speakers and helps keep the group up to date on Microsoft release information while still providing opportunities for networking. She does an excellent job coordinating the meetings, making them widely known about, and getting to know personally many of the members that attend the meetings. Kathy sets the tone for engagement and has done a great job inspiring and growing the group.